Limit your emotions when investing

Limit your emotions when investing

Do you know this from personal experience?

Have you ever tried to play the stock market in the moment  which the shares are close to the highest point is extremely emotional?

Type 1. an underwriter

"When do you start selling?  The target level of sales is higher, however... will that be achieved? To risk and wait a little or to sell it now? ... No, do not take a risk. Sell!"

Type 2. a gambler

"I know that the target level has been achieved, but still the results are continuing to grow in an unexpected way. I will rely on my intuition and wait a little longer. It would be a pitty not to earn more when I can."

Any of these options sound familiar?

Do you know how much you can lose by such approaches? ... We want to avoid both of these scenarios. We should not make decisions basing on emotions or intuition but on facts. How do we know that we need to sell shares or buy them? Events in the global market, economic situation, won tenders, no information / positive changes in an organization of a company,  building up the need on a product / service, etc.. Gieldomat helps to cool emotions and to act on the analysis of these factors would in order to ensure, in the following step, a consistent implementation of decisions that have been taken.

Gieldomat is a great tool to eliminate such common human emotions, when deciding whether to issue an order or not. Holding shares which have already been falling down in their prices, it is difficult for us to accept the idea of losses and not to place the sales order. Technical Analysis is the perfect tool for encouraging investors in their decisions, and Gieldomat allows you to use its power without having to spend many hours learning about advanced tools, or writing your own program scripts.

If you have doubts whether to start ... make sure you read about it

Have you ever thought about playing the stock market? Maybe you already have and you use professional advisors? Do you really think it is so complicated? Do you  think that alone you will not be able to achieve satisfactory results?

Just visit the zoo in Warsaw to meet Lucy – a chimpanzee playing the stock market.  She has defined her own strategy in the stock exchange. Her results are compared with professional gamers of the stock market - which are substantive consultants in the Business Pulse (Polish magazine). Check it here.  In a similar experiment, which was organized by the Wall Street Journal, a group of consultants  utterly lost in comparison with the results of a chimpanzee. If a chimpanzee can do it, why can’t you?

Save by investing

The current political and economic situation provokes social discontent. We are surrounded by a bunch of frustrated people, who have  depressive visions of low pensions. Some of them attempt to save money for their retirement ... or a "Rainy day". Some use deposits, other savings accounts, mutual funds or third pillar. All these solutions, however, do not give satisfactory results. That’s why the Gieldomat team came up with a rebellious idea . Why should we give others the opportunity to earn by taking on us the responsibility of  the risk by entrusting  investment funds or pensions? Why to settle for a low percentage of the profits from savings deposits, while our money (being in trading and investing) brings much more tangible benefits to agents and brokers? Did you know that investment fund managers charge a fixed percentage commission (from 1.5 to 3) for the "capital  administration" in Poland?

That's why we decided to create Gieldomat with the idea of " Save by investing!"

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