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Thinking about a new way of saving? Looking for a better alternative for  savings accounts? Tired of brokers who more or less skillfully invest your money? Do you think you have too few resources to start investing? Do you want to try playing the stock market yourself ... but you are not sure how? Giełdomat is the perfect tool for you! Before you invest, you can test different strategies on your own. Test your strategy basing on the historical data indicating the best option. We will guide you and teach the basics. Find out how easy it is. You can invest even small amounts. But most importantly ... You can do all of this ALONE!

gieldomat is easy to use

Easy to use

The key to success is Gieldomat`s simplicity of use and automation. In five simple steps, you define the strategy. You run it ... and that’s all. Then just get a notification of the current data in the desired form (e-mail or SMS). You do not have to repeatedly log on, monitor, or manually make the purchase and sales while succumbing to emotions. Gieldomat will do it for you. It is your personal auto broker ... only better :) It works without emotions, and does not demand a commission. Gieldomat tracks listing. When you meet your conditions of purchases or sales you receive notification. Fire up the desktop application, outsource the work to a brokerage house and authorize it.

gieldomat is safe and secure


Did you know that even the largest stock exchange brokers who work for banks in Poland perform exchange transactions manually without having the right tool? The same applies to companies that invest your money. The main risk in this case is emotions. It's not because of fear that they do not make appropriate decisions (such as  cutting off losses). The result? Much lower profits and higher losses. The safest way is the right way to design a strategy for buying and selling, and then letting it work automatically. No transaction takes place without your authorization. So you have full control over their spending. You don’t  believe it? Check it out first on a small investment.

gieldomat - great tool for investing


Investing in Giełdomat is easy and safe. And most of all decisions that will be made while investing your money will  finally be 100% up to you. Before using each strategy test it- so you always know how your strategy has proven itself on historical data. You have better tools than most brokers. For example: A desktop application allows quick and easy integration with a brokerage. And best of all, you do not pay huge fees for managing your investments. There is no simpler tool, so what are you waiting for?

Ranking użytkowników systemu Giełdomat

Ranking użytkowników systemu Giełdomat z najwyższą stopą zwrotu.

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0.00 % 227.66 % 275.61 % rmbumblebee9
99.56 % 264.86 % 264.86 % rafalLG
0.00 % 195.03 % 195.00 %
0.00 % 194.63 % 194.39 % soban
5.22 % 177.04 % 174.83 % MBONO
5.05 % 164.60 % 162.20 % robert

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